Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well here is the FJ for today:

Yogurt 3 pts
Cantaloupe 1 pt
Whopper jr. 9 pts
Spicy chicken no mayo 7 pts
fajitas 6 pts
cantaloupe 1 pt
popcorn 2 pts

29 pts total

As you can see I still haven't been making good choices. I really need to work on that, especially since it's week 2 and my loss probably isn't going to be very big since it was so big last week. Another thing I'm working on is quitting Diet Coke. That is my number one and only addiction in life, besides chapstick.

Oh, and the fajitas I had tonight? I can't even tell you how good they are. They are one of our staple meals and the flavor is incredible. Tonight I ate them without the tortillas to cut points and it was still amazing!

I'm really trying hard not to weigh myself till Monday. I don't want to be disappointed if I weigh in early. Let's hope I make it!

1 comment:

Roni said...

I think you are doing great! Yeah, you could have skipped the whopper but come on! Skipping mayo, snacking on fruit and popcorn! You could be doing a LOT worse. :~)