Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weight Watchin'

So, I wrote that whole big long post then didn't even start on that Monday. I ended up starting last Monday and I decided to do Weight Watchers. I always find reasons not to do it but in the end I love the plan. My husband is doing it with me which is so awesome. It would just be so cool if we could both lose weight together. I'm not paying to go to meetings or anything, I'm just doing it at home. I had a couple slip ups last week (I think 2 days I had things that were above my daily points and I had already used my flex points) which I really try not to do but I've moved on. And I wasn't all or nothing about it... yay! They weren't major binges or anything. Well one was pretty bad, I had popcorn at the movies with butter all over it and I didn't really have points for it. And I had absolutely no idea how many points it is... I HATE that. That is one thing I get frustrated about about ww. But to make it up to myself I'm not using any of my flex points this week, just to be safe. It's gonna be hard for me because I LOVE my flex points. When I weighed myself Friday morning I had already lost 5 pounds and I wanted just to lose 6 the first week so I'm super excited. We'll find out tomorrow if I did it. My goal after that is to lose an average of 2 lbs. per week. I don't know if it's a "goal" as much as a hope. I know I'm probably going to need to work out to do that though. It's going to be hard because I'm taking 15 credit hours this fall and then I'll have my daughter the rest of the time- and I'll be babysitting 3 days a week too. *As a side note, I heard the best advice the other day. It was something Dr. Phil said I think, but he said you should make your goals things that you can control, not things you can't. For instance, instead of saying it's your goal to lose 2 pounds this week, you should make it your goal to stay on plan every day and work out 4 times. The 2 pounds may or may not happen, but it's out of your control. The other things you can control. So I try not to set weight loss goals in a specific time period (like 15 pounds in a month) even though it's tempting.

My weight on Monday, August 11th was 236 so we'll see what it is tomorrow!

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